Bible Studies

Bible Studies

KIX (Kids in Christ Children’s Ministry):  Sunday mornings in NSP and Hugo.  Each week our kids, ages 3 years – 6th grade, explore stories from God’s storehouse of Bible treasures.

How’s Your Family Doing?.  Sunday mornings in the Fireside Room in NSP and Sanctuary in Hugo.  Explore familiar Biblical family relationships and the challenges those families faced.  In Families of the Bible, we’ll seek Scriptural truths from a Biblical family setting and apply them to modern family life.

Women’s:  Golden Fruit:  Living the Fruit of the Spirit Through the Best Times of Your Life:  Tuesdays, 9:30 AM, Fireside Room, NSP.  As women we fill many different roles.  With the craziness of life, is it any wonder we may also feel crabby and tired?  This class will walk us through each of the fruits of the Spirit (joy, goodness, love, self-control, etc.) and help us apply them to our day-to-day life.  Contact Deb Hatzung for information.

Mom’s:   Thursday, March 2,  9:30-11 AM, Fireside Room, NSP.  A good time to join.  Hebrews, the Fulfillment of Faith!  Children are welcome.  Contact Ann Ponath or Lura Johnson.

Men’s Bible Study:  Thursday mornings at 6:30 AM at Shar’els Cafe (Hwy 120/50th Street North, Oakdale). Growing in faith, good food and fellowship.  Bring a Bible.  Bring a curious friend.  We just started reading John 13.  Contact Pastor Mittelstadt for details.

Women’s:  God’s Love:  Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Hugo Campus.  Through Scripture we’ll see how God fills us with His love, influences our lives and relationships, helps us forgive, and helps us in difficult times.  Contact Sherry Lueck.

Hugo Bible Study:   Fridays, 10 AM, Hugo Waters Edge Community Center.  Jesus spoke to the Apostle John directing him to send letters to the seven churches in Asia Minor.  He speaks those same words to the Church today.  Find out what He has to say. Contact Ron Lueck at 651-433-2943 for more information.

Bible Information Class:  Saturdays, 10 AM, Hugo Campus.  Grow in your faith and appreciation for God’s amazing grace as you study and apply the basic teachings of God’s Word.  This new member course is also a great review for members!  Contact Pastor Hennig for more information.