Bible Studies

Bible Studies

KIX (Kids in Christ Children’s Ministry):  Sunday mornings in NSP and Hugo.  Each week our kids, ages 3 years – 6th grade, explore stories from God’s storehouse of Bible treasures.

Martin Luther and You:  A Look at the Lutheran Reformation of 1517.  (Sunday mornings in the Fireside Room, NSP.)  It’s been almost 500 years since Luther nailed the 95 thesis to the castle church door in Wittenberg, Germany.  What exciting things have changed over the last 5 centuries?  What sad things have unfortunately stayed the same?  Your life too has been reached by Martin Luther and the Lutheran Reformation.  Come and see how.

Understanding Bible Gender roles:  God’s High Calling for Men & Women.  (Sunday mornings in Hugo.)  This study will tackle this much debated topic.  Have we fallen behind because we fear losing control?  Are we pushing ahead because we fear being controlled?  This goes much deeper than “she says, he says, or they say.” Together we’ll explore the spectrum of ideas and yet look to our Christ to guide us to his center + + + together.

Women’s:  Living a Chocolate Life:  Whether sampling from bitter nuggets of pain or sweet morsels of joy, this study reminds us that the Holy Spirit fills us with sweet faith in our Savior–and only He can truly satisfy. Contact Deb Hatzung for information.

Mom’s:   Thursday, December 1, 9:30-11 AM, Fireside Room, NSP.  A good time to join.  Hebrews, the Fulfillment of Faith!  Children are welcome.  Contact Ann Ponath or Lura Johnson.

Men’s Bible Study:  Thursday mornings at 6:30 AM at Shar’els Cafe (Hwy 120/50th Street North, Oakdale). Growing in faith, good food and fellowship.  Bring a Bible.  Bring a curious friend.  We just started reading John 2-3.  Contact Pastor Mittelstadt for details.

Women’s:  Bible Sister Series:  Will resume in January.