Bible Studies

KIX (Kids in Christ Children’s Ministry)
Starting Sunday (February 6), our KIX Sunday School classrooms (children ages 3 years old – 6th grade) will be using a new curriculum. The first series is called, “Amazing Animals of the Bible.” Join us on Sunday as we begin with a donkey that talks! You won’t want to miss out on this fascinating Bible account! (KIX is at both sites immediately following the Sunday service)

When: Sundays after worship
Where: Both NSP and Hugo Campuses
Topic: Lesser Known Women of the Bible, We’re familiar with key women from the Bible like Eve, Esther and Mary. But are you familiar with Jochebed? Do you know any details about Lois and Eunice? Though they may be overlooked, they are not forgotten since they are recorded on the pages of Scripture. As we see their strengths and weaknesses, we see God’s grace and power to act in the lives of his children!

When: Every other Monday at 7pm
Where: Hugo
Topic: Mama Bear Apologetics. We’ll discuss many of the cultural lies facing our children and empower them (and us!) to challenge them from a Biblical mindset. Bring your own book, a pen, and a Bible.
Contact: Karen Hennig, call/text 651-249-1627.

When: Tuesdays at 9:30am
Where: Off Campus
Topic: In God’s Orchard: Cultivating the Fruit of a Spirit Filled Life. Christ Lutheran member Ann Ponath is a contributing author.
Contact: Deb Hatzung at 651-485-1028.

When: Thursdays at 6:30pm
Where: Zoom
Topic: The People’s Bible – Hebrews. The epistle declares the supreme treasure we have in Christ and shows us what we are to do with this treasure.
Contact: Sherry at 651-303-1405

When: Every other Thursday
Where: NSP Fireside Room/Zoom
Topic: The People’s Bible – Galatians
Contact: Ann Ponath at 651-439-4911,

When: Tuesdays at 6:30am
Where: Dunn Bros in Hugo
Topic: Romans. All men are invited to join this relaxing morning gathering. Enjoy Bible based discussion and time with men of faith.
Contact: Pastor Matt Hennig

When: Thursdays at 7:00am
Where: Sharel’s Cafe in Oakdale
Topic: The People’s Bible – Lamentations
Contact: Pastor Mark Wessel

Growth Groups
Visit for more information and to join.