Growth Groups

Connecting Christians at Christ

The Small Group Dynamic

Something special happens when there is eye contact. Walls come down, conversations take place, similarities are discovered and friendships emerge.

Small groups can establish a level of trust and intimacy that is more difficult to attain in more traditional, large-group settings – intimate spiritual relationships happen in circles. Small groups are also more flexible, taking on their own unique culture and creating an environment that allows participants to discover what it means to encourage one another, explore God’s teachings together, share each other’s joys and burdens, confess, forgive and pray, and all in a fun, welcoming way.

Our VISION is a congregation where members of all ages feel Connected, are Confident in their faith and are Comfortable sharing God’s love with one another, their families and others they come into contact with on a daily basis. We believe and pray that small groups can be a highly effective tool in helping us to achieve this vision and carry out our mission.

Growth Group –  a small group that comes together around an interactive discussion of God’s Word. 

Previous Growth Groups focused on the theme, “Let’s Go – Love, Listen, Lead.” Let’s Go is designed to encourage and equip Christians to connect unchurched people in their lives to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Materials include videos (see intro video below) and discussion guides to take the discussion deeper in the groups. The format includes time for fellowship, relationship building, digging in the Word and joining in prayer. Groups meet in host homes, church, and other locations and are usually 6-12 people. Resources for Let’s Go can be found at