Cornerstone Early Learning

Painting in Classroom
Cornerstone Early Learning Center of Hugo has been designed to provide the safest possible environment for children age 6 weeks to age 5.  We are dedicated to providing the children in our care with a comprehensive program that will stimulate, challenge, and encourage them to become learners for a lifetime.  We believe that the spiritual aspect of development is essential to a child’s overall development.  It is this very aspect of our program that sets Cornerstone apart from many other early childhood programs.  We are committed to providing opportunities to:

•   Develop intellectually by providing developmentally appropriate activities in communication skills, science, literacy, and math readiness

•   Develop physically through play activities that develop a child’s large and fine motor skills

•   Develop socially through interactions which are based upon respect and concern for others

•   Develop creatively through opportunities to develop talents in art, music, movement dramatic play

•   Develop emotionally by creating an environment in which each child feels secure and loved by their caregivers, and further, knowing that they are a redeemed and beloved child of God

•   Develop spiritually by hearing and applying God’s Word daily

Children Reading

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