Scrip Program Q&A:

Q:  What is Scrip? 
A:  Scrip is fundraising while you pay for goods and services you use every day. The program allows you to purchase gift cards for retailers, restaurants and services and a portion of the card value is provided to Christ Lutheran in the form of a rebate. The gift card vendor chooses the percentage of the rebate and therefore it varies.

Q:  How do I start?

A:  The first step is to complete the Annual Rebate Designation Form (below or available at CLC sites). This needs to be completed every May and is the only time you may change your designation. The second step is to fill out an order form either online (information about it and the link is below – our Enrollment Code is LFE6A23B38572) or on paper (below and at both sites.) The final step is to submit the order form along with payment to the church office. Electronic order instructions can be found in the attachment below.

Q:  What is the timeline for ordering and delivery of the cards?  
A:  The deadline for scrip orders and payments is noon on the FIRST and THIRD MONDAYS of every month. If your order arrives after the deadline, your order will be submitted on the next ordering date. If you have chosen to pick up your cards, you will receive an e-mail upon their arrival which is typically the following Wednesday.
Q:  How will the fundraising/rebate be used at Christ Lutheran?
A:  The rebate options include Christ Lutheran Living Sacrifices Campaign, Christ Lutheran Church General Fund, Christ Lutheran School Tuition Assistance and Specific Student Tuition.
Q:  If I choose a % to be applied to tuition, how will this affect my monthly payment?     
A:  Your monthly payments are established in May and will be in effect June through April. At the end of April, all rebates accrued will be applied to your tuition account and you will be notified of your balance.
Annual Rebate Designation Form
Family Order Form
Electronic Order and Payment Process
Link to shop online where many more vendors are available: